The Rich Jerk Review

You always come across these articles in newspapers and magazines that talk about how a teenager became a millionaire overnight by bedazzling amount of hits on their websites. You also hear about how a bored 30 something couch potato turned their hobby of designing templates into a fully fledged online marketing strategy.

It makes you wonder – is it that easy to make money?
It is; according to The Rich Jerk. Internet marketing experts almost swear by his name and he seems to be the new gospel when it comes to making easy money doing what he claims to be – nothing!

Now, for those who have been so beaten down by the various “make money real quick” scams, might find it a little hard to trust his money making proposition that seems too good to be true.  But, come on – would a guy that made over $13 million online be an idiot?

While his marketing methods might seem a little unconventional, those, according to him are the real “ka-ching” factor!  He guarantees that the initial income of those that do adopt his instructions would be around $10,000 a month. The package includes a free startup website that will bring in instant cash along with steps on how to build an email database of potential subscribers to the website. Guidelines on how to start a successful e-bay business are also present. Its almost like he will help you conjure up money from absolutely nothing.

The Rich Jerk’s marketing techniques have been well received in spite of staying true to his name. His cocky demeanor and blunt opinion might be a problem for some. However, with the claims and promises that he assures his strategies bring, his attitude seems like a very small price to pay.

He often sells his websites to a top notch bidder to make an even bigger profit. He sold one to e-bay and made a whooping $379000 on it. With a tag like e-bay, who wouldn’t?

His book is also doing phenomenally well at the clickbank market place and is now being offered at a discounted price of $9.95 instead of $97.

So, if one is willing to maybe get off that couch and devote a mere 5-10 hours a week without having to deal with callers and the like, you could be rich with few simple instructions. It also makes you consider other online strategies that you could adopt and build up on by selling informational goods at a ridiculously profitable price

So, rev up your dream car, get yourself a martini mixer. You’re going to need one on that Mediterranean cruise you’ve wanted to be on.

Get ready to be a jerk. A very rich jerk.

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